Northeast Investors Trust is a no-load high yield bond fund whose primary objective is the production of income.

The Trust focuses on marketable securities of established companies that are believed to provide reasonable income and, where consistent with the primary objective, may potentially have capital appreciation. This includes bonds, preferred stocks, dividend paying common stocks, securities convertible into common stocks and securities with warrants attached.

The Trust mainly invests in higher yielding and unrated or lower rated debt securities (commonly referred to as "junk bonds") to produce income for the shareholders.

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Latest Trust Price
Ticker: NTHEX
CUSIP: 664210101
Most Recent Distribution
Payable Date:05/25/2016
Rate : $.07
(Year to Date)

05/20/2015 $.09
08/19/2015 $.09
11/25/2015 $.095
02/10/2016 $.08
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Looking for current information about the fund? Download our info sheet, which has the answers to the questions our investors ask the most. This file is updated at month end and requires the use of Adobe Acrobat, which can be downloaded for free from Adobe Systems.

The information provided on our website may be used in conjunction with the offering of shares of Northeast Investors Trust only if preceded or accompanied by a current prospectus. Northeast Investors Trust and IRA plans are offered by prospectus only. Prospectuses contain more complete information on trustee fees, distribution charges, and other expenses and should be read carefully before you invest or send money. A prospectus can be downloaded, or obtained upon request from this site or by calling Northeast Investors Trust at 1-800-225-6704.
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